Dating longines watches by serial number

Frequently asked questions customer service hide questions how can i be sure i am buying a genuine longines watch is the repair of a longines watch that is more than 15 years old still possible how often do you recommend having a maintenance service carried out on a longines watch which recommendations should i follow to make sure that my longines watch. Longines watch serial numbers ($1798 - $2,00000): 30 of 1429 items - shop longines watch serial numbers from all your favorite stores & find huge savings up to 80% off longines watch serial numbers, including great deals like longines accessories | longines dolce vita mini watch | color: silver | size: os. Background wittnauer has been producing watches since the 1880s, but its long association with the luxury watch company longines has resulted in the production of some of the finest watches ever made.

A guide to longines watch manufacturing dates based upon the watch movement serial number. Serial numbers rolex locating your rolex serial number the serial number of your watch is engraved on the case at the 6 o'clock end between the lugs. Determine the age of your vintage pocket watch how to use our vintage watch serial number & date lookup tables. Wittnauer watches began with albert wittnauer, who created his brand of watches in new york in 1880 in 1936, the wittnauer watch company joined with longines watches and became the longines-wittnauer co in a partnership that lasted until 1994 as such, many vintage wittnauer watches have serial numbers that are listed under the.

Thewatchguycom website designed at homesteadâ„¢ list your business for free at homesteadâ„¢ list your business for free. 36 rows longines serial numbers by year is your chance to get a fair estimate of when your longines watch was originally produced you simply look up your serial number and place it in the shown table please have in mind that the time table for the longines serial numbers is not 100% accurate but very close to +/- 1 years dating back your vintage longines watch by using the serial number.

Frequently asked questions where can i find the serial number for my longines watch the serial number, or consecutive number, is essential in finding the information relating to your watch according to the era, this number (consisting of numeric characters only) can be engraved in various places: on the outside of the. Had a question about dating a zenith via the case back number, don't think there is a serial number on the cal 146dp [ attach] any help greatly.

Longines year identifier enter the longines serial number found on the watch movement the serial number will be at least a seven digit number. For extra information about your vintage longines watch, go to the longines website here, become a 'member' (dont worry, they wont spam you) and use the contact us link to send them an email with the serial number from your movement and politely ask for the history of that movement pictures are helpful but not required longines. Discover the origin of your longines watch and date your longines watch by the serial number on the case longines history and production dates here. Was wondering if it was possible to identify the date of the longines pocket watch from the case serial number or is there any 'reasonable.

Begining about 1970, it appears that longines changed their serial numbering system the numbers below are assumed to be the result of the new numbering. Omega did not use a matching number serial system for case and movements (like longines), but chose a close range unpaired serials instead, while the gap between the two gradually increased during time so i would always look first for the movement serial as for the production period or for the high end production as for the period when the serial.

We buy fine watches please send us a clear photo and price of your watch to sell to: [email protected] I am trying to date a men's wittnauer wrist watch there is no serial number on the movement, only on the case back (inside) the number is #692927. Longines 8ln (868n) with serial number 7296878 that dates it to 1947. Rolex serial numbers rolex case reference numbers rolex serial number list rolex model numbers date of manufacture engraved case back between lugs how old is my rolex the rolex report, identify fake rolex replica rolex.

Longines serial numbers by year to put a date of production on your vintag longines watch you have to locate the serial number which most often is found on the in- & out-site of the back case when you have got the serial number then look it up in our longines serial number matrix while seaching for the serial number please remember to enjoy. The case back has a the inscriptions longines and water resistant a two line serial:15 and below 446089 the dial longines and longines crest , swiss made i do not have the skill and proper tools to open the case back and i do not really want to disturb this smooth working movement so any input as to model , year. Find the approximate year your vintage longines watch was produced by its serial number disclaimer: serial number dating is not a 100% accurate way to date your watch, but is generally accepted to be accurate within 6 to 12 months.

Dating longines watches by serial number
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